What Tools Does a Plumber Need?


The plumber is an essential tradesman that we all call on from time to time, and aside from the obvious wrench and grips, most people don’t know much about the equipment a plumber uses. Here is a list of the essential tools and implements that every plumber must have.

  • Set of wrenches – The plumber uses a wrench to twist pipe, as well as exerting some pressure, and he would have at least 3.
  • Hacksaw and blades – Ideal for cutting copper and PVC pipe, and plumbers in Burntwood are all equipped with hacksaws, along with many other essentials.
  • Pipe benders – Metal forms to bend piping around, the plumber would have several sizes. The use of a pipe bender stops pipe kinking, which is not an option, and allows the plumber to create piping to fir the area.
  • Locking grips – Essential for gripping pipe and allowing some force to be exerted with another tool. This tool would never be far away, and would be one of the many that hangs from his belt.
  • Sealants and special tapes – There are many products the plumber uses to ensure a good seal, and any thread would have to have special white tape wrapped around prior to fitting, to ensure there is no leakage.

As a homeowner, you should have the number of a local emergency plumber somewhere, as you never know when a plumbing emergency might occur. The local plumber would be very much in demand, and some will not take emergency calls, preferring to limit their services to regular hours, and should you ever need his services, a Google search is all it takes to make contact.

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