A Work Space That Promotes Safety


When working in construction, a primary concern is safety. Employers, in order to protect their employees and provide a safe environment, will use scaffolding to prevent falls.

Types of Scaffolding

Scaffolding helps to protect employees by giving them a more solid ground to stand on. Though careful safety precautions still need to be taken to stay safe and scaffolding does not replace the need for personal protective equipment, it can help make the site safer. To ensure that the job is done to code and correctly, scaffolding erectors and hirers in Hertford can help to erect the scaffolding for your site.

Different types of scaffolding available for construction sites include:

  • Supported scaffolding
  • Hanging scaffolding
  • Birdcage scaffolding

Supported is the most common form of scaffolding and is built from the ground up and consists of multiple levels as needed. It is both reliable and cost-effective. Hanging scaffolding is used for the upper levels of buildings and it hangs from the top levels of buildings. Typically, these types of scaffolds are used for window cleaners and those maintenance workers needed to access the exterior of a tall building. Birdcage scaffolding is for one level and it is simple to erect. It stands independently and is typically used for ceiling installation or repair as well as window installation.

What Other Options Are Available?

Edge protection and handrails are additional safety features that can be added to scaffolding to protect employees. They do not guarantee safety and should not make workers careless but can add peace of mind.

Scaffolding companies can also provide services related to temporary roofing to protect a building from the elements during a new roof installation. They can also add temporary staircasing to the exterior of a building to help employees access the various levels in scaffolding more easily and safely.

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