Discover the Beauty and Boldness of Modern Rug Options


One of the best things about owning your own home or place of business is being able to customise every last inch of your property. There’s just something so satisfying about being able to add different decorative elements, big and small. Rugs are one of the best, but most consistently overlooked and underrated, design elements. While we tend to focus on flooring, living room furniture, and other such elements, the fact of the matter is that rugs are some of the most versatile décor options in any given home or place of business. For as difficult as it can be to find space for large couches or coffee tables, rugs are easy to transport and fit into any room setup.

Here, then, are a few things you’ll want to consider when shopping for modern rugs online.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Rugs

The first distinction you’ll want to make is between rugs which are better suited for indoor usage as opposed to those which are best used outside. There are many defining features of both types, not the least of which is the ability to withstand weathering forces. Delicately-woven rugs may look lovely inside but can be shredded by the whipping winds and pouring rain outside. What’s more, sunlight can quickly cause their bright colours to fade. By contrast, rugs designed for usage outside tend to be thicker and woven from more durable materials. At the same time, they do not offer the same degree of softness indoor rugs.

The best online rug shops clearly delineate the two categories, and thus allow clients to better choose a rug which suits their needs. In addition, they can choose from a wide variety of vibrant colours and bold patterns, including:

  • Cotton-based rugs
  • Bamboo silk rugs
  • Coastal-themed rugs
  • Checkerboard rugs
  • Rugs featuring contemporary art designs
  • Striped rugs
  • Rugs featuring naturalistic and floral art designs
  • Moroccan rugs
  • Vintage and patchwork rugs

Take Texture into Account

One of the features people tend to overlook the most when selecting rugs for their home is texture. Not only can textured rugs prove especially hardy, but these types of rugs can also feature elegant, intricately-woven patterns.

Rug Care and Cleaning

In addition to the focus on the aesthetic side of rug selection, you’ll want to pay attention to the practical side as well. That means selecting rugs which can be cared for and cleaned with ease, and finding services which can help you with both. For example, for as much as we love pets, they have a tendency to wreak havoc on rugs, leaving stains behind that can ruin the overwise lovely colouring and patterning. The best rug sellers, therefore, work to provide rugs which are easy to clean and pet resistant.

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