All about the Amount of Power Used by an Air Conditioner


The humble and hardworking air conditioner of today has certainly come some way since the device first made its appearance as a wonderful cooling machine.

Around the year 2000, an air conditioning unit would use from 30% to 50% lesser power than models which were being used back in the 1970s. Today’s latest designs, are now even more effective.

How Exactly Does The Air Conditioner Work?

Prior to moving on to the amount of electricity used by an air conditioner, it is important to know how they operate.

  1. Basically, an air conditioner works the very same way as a refrigerator, and that is by way of a pump and a circuit of tubes making up the cooling system.
  2. The coiled tubing, is typically made from copper which winds into two types of coils, they are:
  • An evaporator coil
  • A condenser coil
  1. The cold, indoor evaporator coil cools an area whilst the hot, outdoor coil releases the heat to the exterior.
  2. The heat which gets expelled is a result of the energy running through the machine as it is working and conducting its job.

A refrigerant has a busy duty

  1. One of the most important parts of an air conditioner is the pump, (AKA a compressor).
  2. This pump transfers a special liquid, called refrigerant, between the condenser and an evaporator.
  3. Both coils are surrounded by aluminium fins, with the compressor moving the liquid through a set of tubing and fins.
  4. The liquid then evaporates after striking the evaporator, which then draws heat from the indoor air, resulting in the easily noticeable cooler room temperature.
  5. The refrigerant then gets pumped to the condenser, where it once again condenses into a liquid, and removes any heat.

Looking After of a Unit is in One’s Best Interests

If you have had an air conditioning installation carried out at your home or place of work, it really is a good idea to take good care of it and keep it maintained.

  • This ensures that the unit will keep on working smoothly and have a much longer lifespan.

Air conditioners of today can cool the air quickly, and should really should only be used when required.

  • You may also wish to keep curtains or blinds closed on windows facing the sun, to help reduce the amount of sunlight entering a room

Get the Ideal Kind of Air Conditioner

You may want to fit a programmable thermostat, so that any cooling is on a regular basis, saving you the trouble of having to manually turn it on and off every time you leave and return to the building.

  • To get the very best air conditioning installation where you are, just simply go online and do a little bit of research.

And as you are already aware, making use of great air conditioning can make any kind of space feel that much nicer to be in! Stay cool!

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