Why Wrought Iron Beds Never Go Out Of Style


Whether your bedroom is contemporary or traditional, you will find that a wrought iron bed is the ideal choice for a bedroom furnishing. Depending on the model of the iron bed, most of the metal furnishings are available in twin, full, queen, or king size.

Selecting a Design

To select a design in an iron bed, you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • A lower bed will make a bedroom appear larger than a bed that is higher. A higher bed is also recommended for a more formal look.
  • Most beds are made so that the top of the mattress rests about 60 centimetres off of the floor.
  • To optimise your level of comfort, the bed should be about 15 centimetres longer than the tallest individual using the bed.
  • The headboard should be placed about 30 centimetres higher than the mattress. The footboard should be shorter than the headboard to balance out the look.

Once you have considered the aforementioned tips, you need to choose a specific bed size. Twin beds are normally recommended for children’s rooms or for guest beds. Full sized beds, also known as double beds, are normally recommended for guest bedrooms or to fit two smaller adults.

Queen size beds are a little bit longer and wider than double beds, and are thus considered good choices for taller people. Naturally, king-sized beds offer the most space, and therefore should be considered for adults who want extra sleeping room.

Making Sure the Bedding Flows

Regardless of the bed size you choose, the bed is made a few centimetres longer than the corresponding mattress so that the bedding can flow nicely over the bed’s edges. This is done on purpose, as bedding can take up several centimetres of space beyond the head and foot of a mattress.

Retailers such as Nights In Iron understand the durability of a wrought iron bed frame. The manufacturing process can also be tedious. Although wrought iron is a relatively pure material, it still must be refined, puddled, shingled, and rolled. About one-tenth of one percent of the impurities in the metal are oxidised, which permits the slag to be disposed. This is done by stirring the metal when it is in a molten state.

Creating a Wrought Iron Bed

Once this process is completed, balls of iron are transported in squeezing equipment. The squeezing machine binds the metal particles while the iron is still hot. The last phase, which includes rolling, involves placing the melted iron into rollers that produce flat bars. After the metal cools, artisans use white heat to bend the iron into the lovely bed frames that are featured online. Because of the use of modern machines, the refining of iron can be done with streamlined ease.

The emergence of wrought iron beds came about during the Victorian period. During that time, the pieces were handcrafted by skilled ironworkers. The costs were based on the detailing and size of the bed’s frame. Whilst trends have changed bed designs over time, the timelessness associated with a wrought iron bed remains.

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