Contemporary Homeownership: The Benefits of Remodelling Your Bathroom


If you’ve been contemplating the pros and cons of refurbishing your washroom, it’s worth your while to evaluate this particular undertaking from a value-added perspective – in other words, you have to take note of the functional, aesthetic, and remunerative benefits of remodelling this integral area of your home.

Return on Investment

If you facilitate a standard bathroom renovation – which generally includes a new toilet, shower system, tiling, electrical implements, and plastering – you’ll be able to add a significant amount of value to your property’s listing price. In fact, you can recoup more than 110% of the initial labour and material fees upon resale.

In this regard, your local team of Leicestershire plumbers can facilitate a full-scale remodelling project and help you add up to €8,000 to your home’s intrinsic value.


To understand the practical aspects of a bathroom renovation, it’s worth mentioning how much it truly costs to maintain an outmoded, dilapidated washroom:

  • At a rate of about two drips every 60 seconds, a leaking faucet can waste upwards of 2,000 gallons of water per year.
  • A broken or running toilet fixture will waste more than 290 gallons per week, while a modernised slow-flushing toilet can save about 350 gallons during the same timeframe – a difference of more 650 gallons.
  • Water damage is the most prominent home insurance claim in this day and age, and over 60% of these situations involve faulty or defective plumbing implements.

Aesthetic Improvements

Regardless of whether your home features a modern theme or traditional approach, your local plumbing team will be able to install a wide range of visually appealing fixtures to redefine and reimagine your home’s washroom. As such, your bathroom represents the perfect place to begin your home improvement plans, so be sure to reach out to reputable local organisations for an onsite evaluation as soon as possible.

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