Pool Heating Is Cheaper Than You Might Think


Owning a house with a swimming pool is a dream for many of us. The idea of taking daily swims and getting in shape, or just laying on a deckchair sipping a cold beer is an appealing one. But when you finally become a pool owner, it’s likely that you’ll find that you only end up using it for about 3 months of the year during the summer. Despite this, you’ll still be tied to all the running and maintenance costs year-round, making the pool more of a nuisance than a luxury. Pouring all of this money into something that is unusable 75% of the time begins to seem a bit pointless. You want to make use of your pool and take regular exercise, so it’s frustrating when this isn’t possible. With only the braver souls willing to venture out into the water when temperatures drop, what can the rest of us do?

Pool Heating

Pool heating could be the answer to all your woes. Getting a heater installed will ensure that your pool remains temperate even through the winter months, and means you can stick to your daily swimming schedule without freezing your toes off. It allows you to control the temperature whatever the weather, so that your pool can be the focal piece of your home you always dreamed of, rather than an oversized water feature. Pool heating might seem like a luxury only the privileged few can afford. You may well have dismissed it as too expensive, but have you actually looked into it? It might be much more affordable than you think. For pool heating in NZ, suppliers can be found online who can come round and give you a free no obligation quote. If you want to know exactly how much it will cost you, try using one of the online calculators that are available. These allow you to see an exact daily cost based on the size of your pool and your location. In many cases, it could cost you little more than your daily cup of coffee!

What Does It Cost?

Technological advances in heat pumps are now making pool heating far more efficient and affordable than it has been in the past. In particular, if you choose an energy efficient pump, you stand to lower your heating costs significantly. Choosing the right sized heater is important to ensure that it works effectively, and that you’re not overpaying for your unit. A pump that is too small will need to work overtime to try and heat the pool, resulting in inflated running costs, whereas a pump that is unnecessarily large is a wasted expense. If you’re unsure what size of pump you require, it is best to seek a professional assessment. The initial cost of the pump itself is well worth it when you think about all the added days your pool will be in use, and it makes the general running costs seem a lot more worthwhile.

So what are you waiting for? Beat the bad weather blues and get your pool heated today.


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