Are You Buying a Table? Follow Our Guide


Tables have significant importance in our home and we hardly get to understand them properly. A coffee table, an end table, or even a console table can be needed by us at different times of the day. Besides upgrading the house’s décor, it can contribute to managing storage. To serve every practical purpose, tables are necessary and with our buying guide here, you can have the best tables for yourself. 

Coffee and center tables

These are the unique pieces that need to find space right in the middle of the living rooms, in a preferable combination with the sofas. The main purpose of these is to serve refreshments and eatables. Hence, a piece that enhances the beauty of the décor needs to be brought in.

Side and end tables

A side table is a fine piece of furniture that can hold almost anything and everything for you. Be it standing beside the bed or on a singular wall, it can hold smaller items such as remotes and laptops. And thanks to the drawers in them they have ideal space utilization.

Console tables

These tables have a couple of specified purposes. It firstly makes the house and the spaces look prettier. And secondly, it is highly preferred for enhanced storage. It can be placed in your living rooms or at the entrance of your house. Any utilizable space is ideal for placing a console table and can be stocked with daily things of importance.

Glass tables

A table made out of tempered or toughened glass can be used as a center table or a dining room attraction. The glasses are controlled by thermal and chemical treatments which makes them stronger compared to normal glasses. The tables have high clarity and durability and it looks classy when adorned in the room.

Wood tables

These tables are made up of the highest quality of wood. It is cut straight from logs and is very charming and sturdy. They can be used at multiple locations within your house and they are known to last long. Their maintenance is also very simple.

Engineered wood tables

These tables are made of wood that is combined using wood fibers and sawdust. They are sleek and shiny and economical as compared to others. They are also visually attractive.

If you are in need of elegant pieces to give a facelift to your home,  the Four Hands tables collection provides a wide variety of options to suit your needs. 

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