Easy Maintenance Tips For Wire Fencing


Fencing has many purposes which depend on the property around which it is being put up. Fences find extensive use around properties like:

  • Residential and commercial properties
  • Educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities
  • Animal shelters/enclosures
  • Storage facilities
  • Sports fields/practice courts and the likes.

When it comes to material choices, fences are made using a variety of materials such as:

  • Chainwire
  • Vinyl
  • Wood and
  • Aluminium

Among these materials, the most preferred one in the market is chainwire as it is durable, reliable and strong. With that information in mind, if you are putting a chain-wire fence around your property. Do keep a check on its regular maintenance otherwise, it won’t last long. If you went for chainwire fencing in and around your property, you probably made the best decision but are you aware of the maintenance tips that would make your chainwire fence last longer?

If not, be sure to give the following sections a quick read:

Be sure to give the chain wire fence a fresh coat of paint

As mentioned earlier, chain wire fences are known for their impressive durability factor and strength. Since the fence is left to tackle the elements of nature on its own, if it doesn’t have the protective shield of anti-corrosive paint, it becomes an easy target for moisture. If left unchecked, excessive moisture accumulation could result in rust. Morning Dew, snow & rain are the primary contributors for rusting of your chain-wire fence.

Clean the fence from time to time

Since fences are pretty close to the ground, chances are really high that dirt and grass will always find a way to accumulate in your fence. These forms of debris if left to accumulate on your chain wire fence, could act as potential spots for moisture accumulation. If left unchecked, grass and dirt can cause your chain-wire fence to rust and lose its structural integrity. Use soapy water to clean off the grime from your fence in between seasons for best results.

Loose nails in your wire fence is not a good thing

Fences need periodic visual inspections from your end to make sure that its structure is intact and is performing as it should. Experts recommend property owners to make sure that there are no loose nails in the fence. Even if you find a screw or a bolt that is barely hanging from the fence, tighten it in its place as soon as you can.

Keep the hinges rust free with periodic lubricating sessions

It is obvious that you chain-wire fence might be equipped with one or more gates for easy access to the property. It is strongly advised that you apply mineral oil on the hinges of the movable parts in your chain wire fence. It will not only keep the fence rust free but easy to operate as well.

Putting up a fence around your commercial or residential property is a great idea. It acts as the first line of defence for your property against ill-doers. That being said, the responsibility of keeping the fence in good shape also falls on your shoulders given you want to enjoy the benefits of having one around your property for years to come. Be sure to religiously follow the tips mentioned above for lasting results.

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