How to Choose from Fiberglass and Steel Entry Doors Toronto


Nowadays, front doors have been referred to as more than just the gateway into the home. For the guests, they are responsible to create an impression while have to complement the landscaping and exterior paint. They also have to lift up overall appearance and increase privacy and safety of the home. Front doors need to be strong and sturdy to resist force entries. Outdated and rickety doors are an easy target for them to get access. So, the question is; which door to choose and how to make the most of its material? Most of the homeowners are confused between fiberglass and steel entry doors Toronto and don’t have enough knowledge to make the right choice.

The answer is to consider a few important factors affecting an entry door appearance and performance. So, read ahead and collect information that is needed:

  • Presentation: As a matter of fact, looks are the first thing every homeowner doesn’t want to make compromise on. Steel and fiberglass doors are available in different patterns, colors or stains.
  • Maintenance: Toronto has really extreme weather conditions that make fiberglass and steel entry doors preferable and easy on pocket. They do not demand frequent maintenance, thereby allowing homeowners to save some money.
  • Energy conservation: Another way of money saving is to let any of the two door types take on the position and facilitate inhabitants with their energy efficiency. They can resist extreme temperatures and guarantee optimal energy efficiency with their Energy Star certification.
  • Security: Everybody wants to keep his/her home safe from intrusion and other possible threats. Their goal is to spend a few dollars initially in order to secure the living space in the long run.
  • Cost: It also affects the buying decision. Although steel is the most affordable option, some homeowners go for fiberglass entry doors due to their reliability and versatility.

Now that some factors have been discussed, it’s now time to highlight some of the features of fiberglass and steel doors Toronto.

Steel Doors

Gone are the days when experts used to suggest wood doors instead of fiberglass or steel. Nowadays, homeowners have become smart and are aware of the fact that wood can deteriorate more quickly than other door types. After thorough discussion, they either go for steel entry doors Toronto or fiberglass.

Every type holds some uniqueness from the other. For steel doors, below are some worth considering factors that every homeowner usually looks at:

  • Affordable than wood and fiberglass units
  • Steel is a heavy duty material and offer optimal durability
  • Can resist extreme weather

Fiberglass Doors

For fiberglass, here are the reasons that give an edge over steel entry doors Toronto:

  • Can look like wood through staining or painting
  • Resistant to rusting, unlike steel doors
  • Quiet and light in weight
  • Doesn’t warp, crack or swell over time
  • Enhances curb appeal

Who’s the Winner?

Although steel entry doors Toronto remain at the second spot in the list, homeowners can decide to spend extra money initially and get fiberglass doors for long term benefits. They are more durable, reliable, light in weight and most importantly, can mimic real wood looks.

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