How to Remove a Large Tree Stump


When a big tree has to be felled, the trunk is cut to low height and might become a table or chair, or simply an unwanted feature that is too difficult to remove. Not any longer, as we now have stump grinding machines that turn the stump and roots into sawdust, and without such a device, removing the entire thing would take a lot of effort.

  • How Does a Stump Grinder Work? Several tungsten carbide circular blades rotating at high speed, are gently lowered onto the stump, and as it goes down, it destroys the roots for a depth of one metre. Sourcing this wonder machine is easy, as all experienced tree surgeons in Farnboroughwould own such a machine, and it can make short work of any tree stump.
  • Make Good Use of the Land – With that huge stump out of the way, you could site a shed or modular home, and tree stumps often hinder a project and in such a case they have to be removed. You might have an old Beech stump at the back of the garden that’s been there for years, and with a stump grinder on the job, the entire thing will be removed, leaving you with land that can support something.
  • Eliminating Other Potential Issues – Big tree roots grow for a while after the tree has been felled, and they can impact your drainage, or worse, the foundations. Removing the roots and the stump is a practical solution, and with a stump grinder, it will take less than one hour.

If you need a tree stump removed, call your local tree surgeon and he can op round and assess the cost, and once the stump has gone, it will give you back the use of that spot.

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