Improving Your Home’s Kerb Appeal with a Beautiful Driveway


Driveways come in many shapes and sizes and serve as a place to park your vehicle. Driveways can be simple pathways in the grass, gravel, stone, concrete, or even pavement. Driveways, however, can also make a statement as to your style and complement the exterior of your house. Stone driveways made from paver stones can add a level of aesthetics to your home, unlike most other driveways. Deciding which style of driveway is right for you should start with a search of rated driveways company in Retford.

Types of Materials

While each style of driveway has a purpose, it is important to decide what style best fits your needs and would best compliment the look of your home.

  • Grass Pathways: Grass pathways can be used as driveways; however, the extended use of vehicles over the delicate grass will ultimately result in dead grass that is unappealing.
  • Gravel or Crushed Stone: Gravel or crushed stone makes a nice driveway as it is clearly designated as a pathway with little maintenance. Gravel and stone driveways, however, do not shed water well and will eventually wash away.
  • Paver Stone: Paver stone driveways are similar to gravel in that they create a clear pathway for the drive. Paver stones do shed water and can add a decorative finish to any house.
  • Concrete: Concrete or cement is also used for creating driveways as it can be left untreated or can be painted to add a decorative finish similar to the stone look.
  • Pavement: Just as the roads you drive on, pavement can be used to make a driveway; however, given its black tar finish, it can become very hot in the summer heat and subject to breaking with excessive weight.

Best One for You

The best driveway for you is one that will last while adding kerb appeal to your home. The key to any driveway is to have a good base of the proper materials to ensure that the driveway lasts and can support the weight of the vehicle or vehicles intended to be parked on them.

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