Know About Air Quality in your Home


Air circulation in house is a foremost important thing for a healthy living. Most of us deny this as we buy readymade homes. This can be a villa, high-rise apartment or a condominium. Here, very few builders build as per the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Moreover, when you live in a big city, you cannot find sufficient air circulation as many buildings stand as a hindrance to the flow of natural air. Here, we have discussed the importance of air circulation and its advantages.

Constructing a New Home 

Everyone wishes to build a new home. This might be their dream home too. You must check with your architect about HVAC. You must see that your home has proper ventilation. This cannot happen until you have more than one windows, air vents, and wide doors in your home. Most often, you avoid them, as it will not match your budget. In this way, you are going to hamper with your family health. Here, you will be not able to breathe properly. Moreover, it will cause allergies, lung diseases, and life expectancy too. It will be very difficult for a baby to grow up in a home with poor air circulation.   

Buying a New Home   

Buying a newly construed or readymade home is the present trend. This is because; it will be a daunting task to build by you. However, you must see the external and internal environment before buying a new home in a high-rise apartment. First, you must check there is a proper HVCA system. Secondly, you must see the scope for natural airflow in that building. You must not buy a home, where there is very little natural airflow. This is because; you cannot do any alteration when you buy a new home in a high-rise building. Here, you have to act as per the building rules. 

Buying a Second Sale Home

You must check air circulation in house when you buy a second-hand home too. It is advisable to hire a building biologist to check for air quality in that house. This is because a used home will have more allergen related particles. Here, you have to scope to renovate the home with proper ventilation for good air circulation inside the home. You can act as per the building biologist’s suggestion to improve air circulation. This will result in an inflow of natural air inside your home.

Air circulation in your home is an important factor for a healthy living. If you have disturbed sleep, allergies and fall sick frequently must check for air quality in your home. There are many HVAC systems, air purifiers, and home improvement techniques to bring proper and good airflow inside your home. An expert’s advice from building biologists, architects, and HVAC consultants is the best to know the air circulation and air quality level in your home. You must do this when you wish to buy a new home or a second-hand or second sale house.    


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