The Three Most Important Questions about Residential Roofing: Asked and Answered


If you’ve been musing over the pros and cons of upgrading your property’s roofing solution, it’s important to take a few minutes out of your day to assess this particular home improvement initiative from a few different perspectives.

This brief editorial will underscore some of the most integral aspects of contemporary roofing.

What Are the Most Popular Roofing Materials?

Irrespective of the unique aesthetic of your building, it’s worth mentioning the fact that you have a seemingly infinite number of distinctive options at your disposal:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Clay and concrete tiles
  • Metal or aluminium sheets
  • Traditional slate
  • Wooden shingles
  • Shake

There are also numerous synthetic alternatives as well, including rubber, plastic, polymer, and other modern iterations, all of which can be personalised and adapted to fit your structure’s theme and colour.

Will a New Roof Impact My Home’s Resale Value?

According to a national home improvement report compiled in 2017, any type of re-roofing or repair project will considerably boost your building’s listing price on the open market.

As a matter of fact, a contemporary roof replacement can bump up your property’s appraisal value by anywhere from €8,000 to €14,500, depending on your square footage, material selection, neighbourhood, and some other nuanced real estate facets.

How Long Does the Typical Renovation Take to Complete?        

If you partner with a team of experienced, affordable roofers in Yorkshire, you’ll be able to rectify any structural issues, revitalise your home’s curb appeal, and mitigate your annual utility expenses with some new-age insulation provisions.

But, best of all, the entire restoration process can be completed in as little as two or three days, which makes it the ideal refurbishment to schedule for a sunny weekend. Be sure to contact your local roofing experts for a comprehensive site assessment as soon as possible.



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