Three Tips For Choosing Cabinetry And Door Hardware


An easy and inexpensive way to update the look of your home’s interior is to change the hardware on your entry and interior doors, drawer pulls, and cabinets. However, with so many options, it may be difficult for you to choose replacement hardware. These three tips can help you choose hardware to help give your home an updated appearance.

Choose the Finish

The first thing you can do when choosing new hardware is to pick the finish. There are several choices including gold, chrome, brushed nickel, or bronze. If the décor of your home is modern or contemporary, then shiny chrome may be a good choice.

Brushed nickel or bronze will work well in most interiors including those decorated in Victorian, contemporary, or retro styles. Oil-rubbed bronze does look great, but over time the finish can fade or scratches will reveal the gold-coloured brass beneath the bronze finish. Keep in mind you don’t have to put the same hardware in every room of your house so you can select different finishes for each room.

Select Door Style

When choosing the door hardware, you will have the option of round, oval, or lever-style door knobs for the entry and interior doors. While round door knobs are more traditional, oval or lever styles may look more updated, depending on the finish you select. You can choose locking options in all styles so if you want private moments kept private, choose door hardware with interior locks for the master bedroom, guest rooms, and bathrooms.

Lever-style door hardware is easier to use if hands are full since it doesn’t need to be grabbed and twisted. It is also easier for children and seniors to use so if you have little ones or elderly parents at home, you might want to choose them for bathroom and bedroom doors. Once you have the finish and style selected, you just need to select sets in your price range.

Stick to Budget

Hardware for doors and cabinetry is available in all price ranges from very expensive to very economical. If you can afford to do so, you can splurge a little to give the kitchen or bathrooms a completely different appearance. Glass door knobs will go well in many different types of decor, especially Victorian, retro, or modern, depending on their shape and colour.

For cabinetry hardware, you can find door knobs in a variety of materials including glass, leather, bone, stone, wood, or ceramic. Selecting the material will depend on the style of your home’s décor, the colour scheme, and your budget. The various materials allow you to be creative with the interior of your home and create a whimsical look in the bathrooms, kitchen, or bedrooms.

Changing cabinet and door hardware is simple if you can use a screwdriver. If you are mechanically inclined, it shouldn’t take more than an hour or two to completely update the look of a kitchen. By selecting new hardware, you can give the interior of your home a fresh look.

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