7 Tips On Knowing If You Can Plan A Property Extension


Property extension is an excellent addition to your existing home. It can increase the property’s value and add to your income in case you think about selling the house in the future. Before you head out for a home extension project, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind to get great results.

You would need to think first what is the reason behind extending your property. If it is your forever home, then consider whether the extension is an addition to space or you want to add it as a part of your dream project. Adding an extension also adds to the property’s value; if you are thinking about selling your house any time soon, then adding an extension can instantly lift your home’s pricing to a great extent.

Once you know the reason behind the extension, it is now the time to understand what you want to include in your home. It is vital to have a clear idea of your extension plan. If you do not have horizontal spaces in your property, go for double storey extension.

Next, you should ask for permission from your local authorities. You might have many plans for the extension, but it is crucial to see whether it would be feasible for execution or not. 

Rather than deciding by yourself about the extension plan, talk to an architect who will help you with the whole process. Hiring an architect will help you to get a better designing idea at a given price. They are the best people to provide you with an ideal solution for the existing challenges.

If they live close to your property, your next-door neighbors will be most affected by the extension procedure. So tell them beforehand about your plans so that there are no interruptions at the last moment. Talking to your neighbors right from the beginning will help you to avoid any potential problems in the future.

Next, you should research the builders whom you are going to hire for the project. They will work on your property for a couple of days, and hence you must have full faith in them. You can search online for builders with a good reputation, or you can ask your acquaintances about it.

Finally, get multiple quotes. It would help you do the whole job at the best price, but you would get to know about the work procedures of different builders. Discuss your plans with them and see who comes up with the best ideas.

Consider the above seven points to plan your property extension properly. These elements are essential as you would get better results, that too within a given budget. 

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