Best Categories of Wood for Your House’s Exterior


Are you stressed out for choosing the type of wood for your house’s exterior? Have you gone through thousands of brochures or pamphlets for opting for the best type of wood for your house? All of your problems are solved after going through the points below:

  • OAK

Oak is high quality and unique material, also has a very rich and rustic texture, with a royal brown color. Moreover, having a high variety of about 500, it is also best because it’s strong and very durable too. Oak, being highly versatile, it helps us to make furniture such as cabinets, tables, etc. It is even used by fishermen, because of its resistance to moisture. We can also get influenced by ancient times, because it was used from the old age, and still its sustainability is never an issue.

  • PINE

Pine, also known as softwood, does not mean that it is really week, but the real meaning is that it is very flexible, and to your surprise, it is also known for its structural strength. Pine is largely used over Eastern Canada and all around the world too. From the economic point of view, pine which grows really faster than all other types of wood, are produced in surplus, and that’s the reason why it is really cheap for the purchasers.


Though botanists have referred mahogany as hardwood, when it comes to carving things, it’s the best to use because of its durability and straight and even surface of wooden slabs. Not only this, but the reddish-brown color is the best reason for you to use it for your house’s exterior. The whole of Central America and other different countries use mahogany as their house’s exterior because of its beautiful and natural color. If you do not believe me, check out on the web about Boise homes for sale over there are almost made of mahogany wood, because they prefer using it more as it resists certain elements, such as water.


Maple has a really enthralling wood grain pattern that makes it very distinctive from other types of wood. Maple is commonly used in room flooring and various types of furniture too. Tables, shelves, and cabinets are made of maple wood only. The most intriguing thing about maple wood is that every wood grain pattern is unique, which gives a very supreme look to your house.

So these are some types of wood you can use as your house’s exterior. Being the cheapest, or having an extraordinary elegant look, or being the strongest, all categories of wood are given in the points above. The only recommendation to you is that choose the exterior wisely and give it a rich look.

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