Four Parts and Accents in The Home That Are Just Better If They’re Made from Wood


We all have a certain thing or certain things in our lives where one thing just works better for us rather than for others. For example, some people drive just SUV’s because they work better for them – you know, that sort of thing. In this article we would like to talk about wood décor and combine it with the topic of just working better in some areas. Let’s find out what wooden accents or wooden parts of the house are better off than being made from anything else!

Dining room furniture

Walnut, oak, mahogany or whatever else wood you choose, when the furniture is in the dining room, it looks much classier and fits in that much better than other materials.

Metal is too cold; plastic is too cheap while leather can seem quite a bit too dramatic and too out of place. When dining at home, you should expect warmness, cosiness and comfort which wood brings in a definitely better fashion when compared to other furniture materials.

If you are not sure about this – compare examples. Walk into a dining room which has wooden furniture and walk into one with metal furniture for example. You’d see the difference almost instantly!


A wooden bed is more comfortable and much safer to lay and sleep in. Firstly, because knocking your knee, foot or hand against a wooden corner is a lot less painful than with metal and besides, wooden beds are probably without any doubt the most popular material choice.

They are more vulnerable to parasites (e.g. termites), but once again, the homeliness and qualities related to its aesthetics make wood a much more suitable material for production of beds.


Decking can be made from concrete, but they’re mostly wooden. Why is that? Well, of course because these two materials have amazing absorption and durability properties. Concrete is very water-resistant in and off itself while wood needs to be treated and processed properly but it too can be a great choice of materials afterwards!

Most home decking are better off when wooden because out in the open they’re already surrounded by nature and wood just fits in better with the whole environment.

If you have concerns about how long will the wood last, consider something like charred wood decking. Wood charring improves the aesthetics of larch, pine, accoya or any other timber. The texture becomes more profound while the colour is enhanced. However, the most essential matter is the improvements in waterproofing and durability. Carbonised/burnt/charred wood is resistant to water, fire and pests.

Most storage-related furniture

A commode, a closet, cabinet, tables, whatever furniture you can think of, it’s highly likely that the first image which came into your head was a wooden model of said furniture.

However, when we speak about storing something, wood is definitely the best choice. It’s a breathable material, quite easy to clean, affordable and fits everywhere. For storing clothes, pens and whatever else (except cold food, probably), wooden cabinets and drawers work best. They are easy to maintain also.

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