Home Decoration Tips For Reference


Home is an important part in our life. Everyone has home. Everyone wants to have a warm and comfort home. Therefore, how to decorate our home is a big thing for us. Here are some home decoration tips for reference:

Decoration tips for living room

Living room is place for receiving guest and family activity. The layout should obey the rule of providing enough activity space. The number of furniture in living room is decided by room area. Furniture can be used in living room have: tea cabinet, coffee table, TV stand, sofa, end table, chair, stool and so on. Capaciousness and sense of space are two points people should pay attention to when decorate living room. Do not make guest feel crowded when get into your home. TV and other recreational facilities can be placed at a corner of living room. The height is better to be parallel with people’s sight when sit down.

Decoration tips for study

Study is place for reading and working. The layout should suit the study habit of homeowner. Writing desk should be close to window for good lighting, but avoid exposing directly under sunlight. It will be convenient to take book if the bookcase is placed near writing desk. Sofa and floor lamp is recommended if the study is spacious. Home owner can read comfortably on sofa. Calligraphy and painting and small exquisite crafts can active atmosphere. If there is no study in your home, you can turn balcony or a corner in bedroom into study.

Decoration tips for dream bedroom

Bedroom is place for rest and sleep. Therefore the layout of dream bedroom should lay stress on quiet. Bed is the central for bedroom. Its layout has close relation to the overall decoration effect of bedroom. Generally speaking, bed should be placed far away from window. If the space is capacious, lounge can be placed in bedroom for rest. Wardrobe should be placed in bright area – convenient to take clothes and do not affect the lighting of window. Nightstand and decoration cabinet are alternatives for bedroom. Clean and organized environmental is good to sleep. So remove excessive accessories and sundries in your bedroom. Indoor plants that release oxygen in night like Aloe vera, bracketplant, snake plant, monstera ceriman can add vitality to your dream bedroom and is good to your health.

Decoration tips for kitchen

The key point for kitchen layout is how to make full use of space. You can install hanging cabinet, shelf on kitchen wall to store cooking utensil, dinnerware etc. For example, install a wall-mounted cabinet above gas stove – one side of the cabinet is used to store dinnerware, the other side is used to store seasoning and other items. Hooks are installed under the cabinet to hang ladle, slice and pot. Ceiling lamp is recommended in kitchen for it is convenient to clean and can avoid electro-accident. Kitchen wall should use wear resistant and water proof paint. Use tile in the area near gas stove and washing sink is easy to clean.

Decoration tips for small room

  1. The layout of home furnishings should be full of modernization and streamlining. This is an effective way to enlarge the room size and make it elegant. Keep the space clean and organized. Remove those unnecessary items from your sight. Make full use of light, which can make room visually capacious. Wall-amounted adjustable shelf will make the floor roomy. Triangular clapboard in wall corner is a good choice for storing odds like book, magazine, teacup etc.
  2. Choose sofa, chair without handrail; multifunctional furniture; desk and chair with small legs; combination furniture. Combination furniture can change the room atmosphere by adjusting combination method.
  3. Avoid excessive decoration on curtain. Window treatment with light color and allowing enough daylight is recommended.
  4. Use paint with same color in kitchen, dream bedroom, living room and dining room, which can create continuous extension feeling.
  5. Use mirror to expand space visually. Install a large mirror on the opposite of window. It can reflect the scenery outside the window into your room.

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