Interior Design Tips from the Professionals


Interior designers study for many years to acquire the skills they need, and they learn many tricks from seasoned veterans, as they progress through their career. Here are a few tips from the best interior designers to help you plan the layout of your home.

  • Smaller Rooms – Pale Shades – Ask the local painting & decorating services in Letchworth Garden City and they will confirm that smaller rooms should be painted in a light colour, as this makes the room seem bigger than it actually is. Clever use of mirrors to reflect the natural light is another trick that the interior designer has up his sleeve to make a room appear more spacious.
  • Mix Patterns & Textures– This helps to create depth and contrast, and you can use rich fabrics and patterns to give the room a balanced feel. Placing a few antique pieces in a modern or contemporary setting was once considered taboo, yet today, mixing and matching is all the rage. Bright colours can be used sparingly, with things like lampshades and some tasteful wall art, and don’t be afraid to experiment, as this is often the best approach.
  • Go Green– Whatever your décor, you can add some indoor plants, which always makes a room feel more inviting, and there are artificial flowers and plants that look like the real thing, if you don’t fancy watering.

If you are thinking of redecorating your interior, talk to a local painter & decorator who has experience with interior work, and with his help and your input, you can create the perfect interior.















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