Stained glass Halloween decor: what is that?


Halloween is approaching, the festival of remembrance for the deceased often related to terror and spooky things. In the art world, there are many artists who make glass figures related to this holiday, such as stained glass bats, pumpkins, black cats, and amazing skulls.

About Halloween

The origin of Halloween is popularly associated with the Celtic harvest festivals. It also has a certain origin in the Samhain, also a Celtic festival, celebrated between the autumn equinox and the beginning of winter, at the end of October. It is also related to the Christian holiday of the first of November All Saints.

The original Halloween legend tells about a man with a dark soul who tricked the devil into not going to hell. When he died, he could not access heaven because he was a bad person and he could not access hell because of his dealings with the devil, so he was condemned to wander eternally in the dark confines between the world of good and evil. Jack, the man in the story, only had a turnip and a burning ember that he will use as a lantern forever.

Due to this legend and its association with the deceased and bad life, the elements classically associated with terror and bad luck are the protagonists of this holiday: bats, skulls, and black cats, for example. In addition, pumpkins (which currently substitute turnips due to their ease of handling and their color of fire) are the main image of Halloween.

What is stained glass?

The creation of figures with stained glass is an art that dates back to ancient times. They were originally used to decorate Christian churches in the 4th or 5th centuries and even Egyptian and Roman civilizations were adept at creating small tinted glass figurines.

Currently, it is considered modern art. People can do work studies or even in their own homes if they have the right equipment. They are often used to decorate the house and windows, hanging in places where light enters so that the colors shine.

Figures and landscapes are very common, as well as various mosaics with flashes of colors. They are usually used as substitutes for windows (as in churches it is so common) or doors and to hang as pictures or to place keys in the entrance. Also, they can have multiple other uses, mainly decorative due to the fragility of the material.

Artists usually work with two types of glass: translucent monochromatic and multi-colored but opaque. To work them, three basic tools are used: a cutter to mark the glass, round tweezers to cut at the mark, and some specific tweezers to finish breaking small imperfections. They are also often filed and then assembled to hold their position. 

Stained glass Halloween decor

In the manufactured art stores, both those of families in the neighborhood and those of small artists that are online, they can have real works of art created with incredible care and impressive precision.

The most common are those of bats. Bats are beautiful: some have bodies and heads made of opaque black glass and their wings with a gradient mosaic, increasingly transparent. There are also stained glass pumpkins. They are made with a combination of brown, orange, and translucent glass colors with which it seems, against the light, that they really have their own light.

Animals related to a bad life, bad luck, and fear are also very popular: crows, black cats, and spiders are the most common. Witches, cauldrons with bubbly green potions, flying brooms, and even purple bright summoning circles, all have that spooky and magical Halloween theme. You can order a stained glass in the store

If you want to decorate your home with magical elements related to the feast of the dead, consider buying or creating ghosts, witch hats, skulls, and brown maple leaves. Your house will be spooky!

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