The Perfect Modern Kitchen with These Simple Changes



Cooking space is a special room in the house, especially for ladies, as they spend an entire day preparing meals for their kids. Therefore, when it comes to home renovation, the kitchen always often holds great priority.  But, that does not mean you are required to invest big bucks in infusing life into your dull-appealing kitchen, a few simple changes that can awestruck whosoever visit your place.

Create The Pattern

Be it stylish floral wallpaper or vintage-inspired cabinets, to render tons of personality to your cooking space, you are required to bring in the pattern. However, if you want to create an amalgam of both, then go with the linking colour to create amazing patterns.

Floating Shelves

Whether you want extra storage or lend a touch of class & elegance to your kitchen, floating shelves could be worth the investment. When choosing for the floating shelves, make sure you take into account the overall interiors of your cooking space, ensure a seamless connection is built. 

Bring Colors With Stools

This is one hack to have a Hollywood like kitchen, add a few metal stools available in a spectrum of colour choices. these are quite inexpensive and are sold in sets. If your cooking space is all white, then it is best to give a rainbow effect with diverse colour options of stool.

Plates As Wall Décor

You can stick colourful plates to the wall to create a pattern. It can be done with the removable strips or simply can be hanged the plates with the use of the plate hangers. You can look into the china hutch to have a treasured heirloom. 


While the paint job seems cheap but has an uncanny ability to breathe life into your cooking space- which has lost its appeal, looking dull. Be it the teal covering or the cabinets and there is no need to have multiple colours go with one single colour to create a monochrome pattern that makes your kitchen space looks unique.

Show Off The Goods

Now the new trend is to get rid of the glass covering of the kitchen cabinets and carefully glassware and the wide spectrum of bowls and let it display for creating an eye-catching focal point within the cooking space. Also, you can add little hooks beneath to hold daily essential stuff.

You can also invest in the ikea metod kitchen to revitalise your kitchen. This is a cost-efficient way to create that perfect kitchen.

The above are a handful of simple tricks to revamp your cooking space and that too without blowing your bank balance. Also, you seek the advice and recommendation of your friends who have recently renovated their cooking space and their recommendations can prove to be handy to make your every penny count.

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