Why Are Resin-Bound Driveways So Popular?


If you have noticed a few resin-bound driveways around where you live, that’s because when faced with a tarmac resurface, or a resin-bound driveway, the latter is much more appealing to the homeowner. If you are thinking about resurfacing your driveway in the near future, here are a few of the benefits that a resin-bound driveway offers.


The clear resin is premixed with the aggregate, which eliminates loose stones, and when it hardens, the material is quite flexible, thus moving with the ground, which eliminates cracks or splits. If the driveway is installed by a professional, there’s very little that can go wrong, and a wide range of attractive colours, you can create something unique.

Other Benefits include:

  • No loose stones
  • Range of colours and aggregate size
  • No surface water – The Material is semi-permeable.

Durable & Hardwearing

A resin-bound driveway will last for many years, and is basically maintenance free, which is always a blessing. The non-slip surface offers great grip in the wet and the dry, and the surface will withstand heavy traffic, far more so than paving. If you are wondering how to find a local company that installs affordable resin bound driveways in Newark, an online search is all it takes.

Resin-bound driveways are ideal for the harsh UK climate, and when installed professionally, there’s very little that can go wrong. You can create a feature that will have the neighbours talking, and when compared to other materials, resin-bound driveways are very affordable, not to mention hardwearing.

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