Why Building a Conservatory is Better Than a Bricks and Mortar Extension


If you are looking to add to your living space, you have several options open to you. The traditional bricks and mortar extension that matches the home is, of course, one possibility, yet many UK homeowners have chosen to build a conservatory, which offers many advantages.

The Benefits of a Conservatory

Building a conservatory offers the following:

  • Great thermal insulation – Conservatories use double glazing
  • Light and airy environment, even in the winter
  • Light construction
  • Top security

Bespoke Creations

There are great value conservatories in Southampton from experienced suppliers who will design the unit around you, and with a range of window opening styles, comfort and convenience is assured. If you would like to discuss your requirements with a local conservatory company, an online search will help you to make contact with a local supplier.

Winter Use

It is very nice to drink your early morning coffee surrounded by your garden, and the great thing about a conservatory if the fact you can use it all year round, as the unit is completely double glazed, and with thermally broken frames, there is no condensation to worry about.

The Summer

By having a pair of bi-folding doors that open up onto the terrace, summers offer an attractive relaxation ambience, and fitting an insect screen will keep the bugs away. Of course, with uPVC or aluminium, there is no maintenance and the window cleaner can include the conservatory in his rounds.

There might be several locations that you could site the conservatory, and by discussing this with the supplier, you will be aware of the choices.

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